Moose Watch President, Jim Andrews, has over 15 years experience in management and/or supervisory positions.  He has manufacturing experience with GM, Ford, Mercury Marine, and the oil and gas industry and has worked in locations across North America as well as a stint in Europe and the Middle East.  He brings a strong business and work ethic to the management of Moose Watch.  Having trained and worked as an engineer, Jim approaches tasks and obstacles with a systematic and measured approach.  Jim is responsible for Moose Watch's overall leadership and strategic direction as well as planning and acquisitions.  He personally oversees all rentals including financial reporting; risk management, managing personnel and cash flow; health, safety and environmental factors; repairs and maintenance and the engagement of contractors and general day- to- day operations.


St. Bonaventure University

Master of Business Administration- in process

Michigan Technological University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering


Moose Watch focuses on unique properties with ability to produce income and increase in value


The management team is hands-on to ensure a high level of tenant/leasee satisfaction.

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James R. Andrews


About Moose Watch 

Moose Watch Development was established in 2015 as a vehicle to invest in residential real estate, including multi-tenant properties, commercial real estate and vacation rentals.